The Space                                           The Spirit

Heartspace is a 3500 sq.ft. space on the second floor, at 217 Union Avenue, Altoona  where counseling and wellness professionals have offices and there is a group/activity room available for self-development courses, wellness activities and professional trainings.
The Sunrise Room is approx. 900 sq. ft., a large open space suitable for yoga, movement therapies, and trainings.  There are also counseling rooms described on the Room Rental page.
The Alliance is a networking of counseling and wellness providers in the area, interconnected by a common purpose, and through sharing information about each others' services at Heartspace's physical location.  There, we provide ample space in our elevator lobby for all local wellness practitioners to display brochures and flyers describing their services and events.

The People

You may find our inhabitants and their contact information on our pages under various service categories.

Heartspace Gift Shop

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